Watch Chloe Taking a Shower

Here’s a video from a site in the “jerk off instruction” niche (JOI) where girls encourage you to wank while you watch them. I don’t know whether we really need any encouragement to do that, eh guys? Especially with girls like Chloe here.

You’ve gone round to your friend’s house to play video games but Chloe is there just about to take a shower. You manage to snap some photos of her naked, and she’ll do anything to get you to delete them! Including letting you watch while she showers.

I’ve got a couple of clips of her doing that below. Watching a girl taking a shower is one of the simple pleasures in life so just sit back and enjoy Chloe naked and wet and, well this is a jerk off instruction vid so do what comes naturally!


But Chloe isn’t finished with you. Now you’ve watched her showering, she wants her turn. She wants to watch you wank. If you can get your dick hard for her, she’ll put on a little show for you.


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