Tina Kay in the shower

Tina Kay peeing in the shower

I must admit I didn’t really know anything about Tina Kay before I found this clip. Maybe you don’t either, so to bring you up to date I found out a few things. The first thing to note is that she was voted “Best Female Performer” at the UKAP awards in 2014. Whether that means anything to you probably depends on how well informed you are about the workings of the British porn industry. UKAP simply stands for UK Adult Producers.

The second thing to note about Tina is that she’s not actually British, she’s Lithuanian. So why the hell am I writing about her in a blog about British pornstars, you may well ask? Well she lives and works in the UK and works with a lot of UK porn producers so that’s good enough for me! I’m sure when you see what she gets up to you’ll find yourself agreeing with the decision to include her here.

Tina is 5’9″ tall, measures 34-26-36 and has natural 34DD boobs. Pretty much perfect for a pornstar then, and she’s not covered in tattoos or piercings like so many pornstars these days.

What else can I tell you about this girl? Well she has her own website of course. If you know of the Suburban Amateurs site, it’s run by the same people. There’s nothing amateur about the type of porn she appears in though. Tina’s site is called Tina Kay Hardcore which is pretty much what it says. Tina Kay doing hardcore porn! Now, I hope to be able to find lots of clips of Tina in the future doing all kinds of dirty stuff with boys and girls, but to start with here’s one of her on her own. She’s in the shower getting all hot and wet. There can’t be many men around who don’t enjoy watching a fit girl taking a shower. But have you ever wondered, do girls pee in the shower? Well the answer is they certainly do!

Tina presses her great boobs up against the shower glass door as her body gets wet, and then she pulls her pussy lips open ready for a piss. You can watch as she just lets it all go in a nice long stream of pee which runs down the glass. Have you ever thought about fucking a girl right after she’s taken a piss? Well watch this video clip and imagine how it would feel being in that shower with Tina, sliding your cock into that wet hole.

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