Layla Jade public sex on a train

Outrageous public sex on a train

This is one of the most shocking clips of public sex you will find filmed in the UK. The location: A Thameslink train somewhere in the South East of England. The girl: Blonde British pornstar Layla Jade. The film crew: Johnny Rebel and Terry Stephens, both top British porn producers in their time.

We start with a bit of upskirt flashing at the train station. Layla isn’t wearing any knickers (of course) and so we get a nice view of her bare ass as she climbs the stairs. Next she’s sitting on a metal bench on the platform with her skirt pulled up so her pussy is in full public view. She asks what it would look like if she took a piss through the holes in the bench. You don’t see it in the clip, but in the full movie she actually does take a piss in public right there on the platform.

Next she’s on the train with her naked tits and ass in full public view. All the guys around her are obviously part of the film crew so they can get away with this, but you can see that there are other people in the same train carriage who have no idea what is happening behind them! Think about this next time you’re on a train – do you really know what the people at the other end of the carriage are doing? They could be having sex and you wouldn’t know about it!

Things get more outrageous as Layla starts having full sex with one of the guys, bending over on the train seat and taking his cock deep inside her. Every now and then the camera turns to the glass door between the carriages to make sure no-one’s spotted them. Next, Johnny gets Layla to sit on the floor of the carriage so he can take some shots of her wide open pussy.

All this time the guys have most of the train carriage to themselves so they can carry on filming the public sex scene. Now and then an ordinary passenger boards the train unaware of what’s been going on. But when the other passengers have gone, Layla gets back to having full on sex with one or more of the guys. Finally she is riding a cock cowgirl style in the corner when filming has to stop. The ticket inspector is on his way through from the next carriage and there’s no telling what he would do if he saw what was going on. We probably wouldn’t have got to see this film!

The film crew could get away with this outrageous public sex stunt down to the time it was filmed. They couldn’t do it in this day and age because all trains in the UK now have CCTV cameras so they would have been caught immediately. But back when this was filmed there was no such thing. The other thing you may notice is that they had the carriage to themselves for a lot of the time. This wouldn’t happen now due to how crowded most trains usually are!

Still, it’s great to watch this and look back on a time when there weren’t CCTV cameras everywhere in the UK and you could get away with outrageous stuff. There’s more like this at Terry Stephen’s UK reality porn site One Man Banned. It’s full of amateurs and British pornstars doing outrageous things – public sex, group sex and other stuff and there’s years and years of content there. Worth a look if you liked this one.