Samantha Bentley Pure XXX

British girl Samantha Bentley shows how she fucks

I’ll get this blog off to a good start with something pure for you. Not the young lady in this pic of course – she’s far from pure. This is Samantha Bentley a well known and popular British pornstar. No, the pure thing of which I write is Pure XXX Films. Pure quality is what they are about. This British porn studio has been around for a while but I only discovered their website a couple of years ago, so it’s pretty new compared to some other British porn sites you may know of. The interesting thing about it is it’s an all-girl production company. Yes that’s right, British girls making porn movies for men.

To judge if they’re any good at it, I’ll give you a sample clip to view below. This features the aforementioned Miss Bentley getting a good shagging. The blurb for this clip suggests that we’re supposed to believe she’s fucking her step brother but does it really matter who he is? Unless you’ve got a step sister who looks like Samantha Bentley here, and you’ve harboured a desire to fuck her. In that case this porn clip was made for you. Otherwise, it was made for the rest of us who just like watching hot British porn stars getting fucked in every hole by big thick dicks.

She’s laying on her bed in tight denim shorts and a top that shows a nice view of her titties, reading something or other on her iPad. Her step brother comes in to complain about the volume of her music. She in turn has a go at him about the noise he was making last night with her sister. She promises not to tell his father if he fucks her too. He thinks about this idea for, oh at least a nanosecond and decides it’s a good deal. A couple more nanoseconds later and she has his cock out of his pants and in her mouth.

Soon he’s on the bed naked next to her and we get a good view of Samantha’s neat ass with her very fuckable holes on display. The scene gets hotter and she rides up and down on his dick and then they swap so he can taste her cunt. She tastes just like her sister, he says. Probably because, by the end of the session she tastes of his fresh spunk.

That’s just a 11 minute sample of the pure quality porn that Pure XXX Films make. There’s more where that came from.